Our Team


Kyle Robbins

My name is Kyle, I am married to a wonderful woman named Chelsea since August 2016 and have a real lazy chocolate lab! I am honored to be one of the co-owners of Beyond Tutoring! Growing up, I did not enjoy learning. I was a, “Good enough” kind of student who as consistently getting, “B’s and C’s.” I was trying as hard as I could, but learning did not come to me as easily as it did for several of my classmates. Consequently, I avoided any subject that would require me to read out loud, as this was my primary weakness. After high school, I attended Eastern University where I majored in Youth Ministry. While I was in college, I was introduced to psychology and found it completely fascinating, which led to me finding a mental health job in Reading, Pa. Fast forward a few years and Brittany May asked if I was looking for any part time work, and introduced me to Beyond Tutoring. Needless to say, I was completely blown away! In my spare time, I completed several of the procedures and the reading program, and found myself growing in confidence as a reader, even as an adult. Beyond Tutoring is something special, and I am so excited to continue changing the lives of both children and adults in our community!


Brittany May

My name is Brittany, and I am so excited to be working with Kyle to bring you Beyond Tutoring! I am married to the sweetest guy, have three incredible kids, and a tiny Yorkie who thinks he's a Mastiff. I am passionate about helping students who struggle with learning because I know exactly how they feel. I have ADHD, but wasn't diagnosed until I was 14. School was always a struggle. Medication helped, but it didn't change the way my brain functioned. I reached out to the founder of Beyond Tutoring to become a student and ended up becoming an employee. I was a trainer for two years and could see major changes in the way my brain functioned. I was able to stop taking my medication altogether. After those two years, I became the director of Beyond Tutoring. Now, Kyle and I are happy to call it our own and start working with students all over the country. I love what I do because I watch people change their lives. This isn't just another tutoring center, this is a center where brain function and learning techniques are improved long term. We can't wait to work with you!

Tell us about one of the most rewarding experiences you've had working at Beyond Tutoring with a student.


There are so many! I had been working with a particular student for several months and over the months, the student was extremely hard on herself. Any time that a mistake was made, you could visibly see it dig at her confidence, which was heart breaking. All of the trainers were constantly telling her how proud we were of her and how hard she was working to quite literally change her life. One day, the student comes in and something was different. “I passed my math test,” she shared and you could see that she was practically beaming with pride. She went on to share that she utilized some of the test taking skills she had learned at Beyond Tutoring and even added that she felt like she had an easy time focusing on the test, which was new to her. She attributed the success she was beginning to experience in school to the hard work she was putting in at Beyond Tutoring. For the remaining months that she was with us, we saw her confidence grow daily and when a mistake was made, it did not derail her day the way it had just a few months prior.


There was a summer student who I worked with every morning at 9 before he had football training. He was mad he had to come, mad about waking up, having to do hard work, and he sometimes took it out on me. I came to realize that he could hardly read, so the program was really challenging him. As he pushed through, I saw him ease up. His brain was being trained HOW to learn and things just started to click. He started joking around with me and we became pals by the time he finished the program. He was getting A’s and B’s instead of F’s. I am still so very proud of him!

If you could share one piece of advice to encourage parents whose child is struggling, what would it be?


Firstly, I am proud of you! For years, I worked with children with mental health diagnoses and all too often parents would acknowledge that their child had a diagnosis but would miss something so crucial to their success; education. The fact you have made it to our website and are looking for answers means you are educating yourself and that unbelievably important! Continue to seek resources and articles to better understand the struggles of your child, it will make a world of difference. If you are looking for websites with outstanding tips, tricks, articles please feel free to reach out or check our Facebook page as we post content quite frequently.


You are doing a great job! Being an advocate for your child is monumental. You are doing a better job than you give yourself credit for. Thank you for looking here for answers to help your student. When they realize all you are doing for them, they will be thankful too!

Why does what you do matter so much?


To me, it is integral to who I am that I do something that I am passionate about. More than anything, my greatest passion is assisting others in becoming successful. At Beyond Tutoring, that looks like training both students and trainers to be as successful as possible, especially since I know the success we see in the six to eight months that we work with a student could very well change the lives of not just the student but potentially their whole family.


This program is more than just helping someone pass a class or getting modifications to help them complete a test. It helps train people’s brains to work better for them. It allows them to accomplish things more easily. As an adult with ADHD, this program has changed my life. It has helped me be a successfully functioning adult. I want to help other people improve their lives, too.

Why name the company Beyond Tutoring: Center for Learning, Reading and Attention?

We think the company name says it all. We go BEYOND just tutoring. In order to see students truly become successful, we believe it is important to focus and strengthen the core learning skills rather than just continuing to review algebra facts.