In a classroom of 25, most kids learn to read successfully... so why is your child struggling?

The answer for typical students is likely that one or more of their cognitive skills are deficient. Cognitive skills are the skills that allow someone to be a good learner and all cognitive skills directly affect a child's ability to read fluently. If a child has poor memory, learning to read will be difficult. If a child has slow processing, reading will be sluggish and choppy. If a child has low auditory processing skills, they won't understand the letters/letter combinations and the sounds they make, and therefore will not be able to sound out words.

The most important cognitive skills pertaining to reading are:

  • Auditory Processing - this is a pre-reading skill. Auditory processing is the ability to hear, understand, and manipulate the sounds within words.
  • Decoding - the ability to sound-out unknown words.
  • Comprehension - the ability to understand and retain what is read.

4 Ways to Build Reading Skills at Any Age

96% of past clients say their child's reading permanently improved because of Beyond Tutoring's program.

At Beyond Tutoring, we work closely with psychologists who will help to discover the specific reasons why your child is struggling to read. Once the issues have been identified, we build a program to train and improve your child's cognitive skills and then teach reading with our sound-to-code curriculum.

Our goal is to improve deficient cognitive skills first; teach reading with our proven curriculum second. Once your child can process information quickly, remember what he hears and sees, and understand letters and sounds, her brain will be very receptive to learning to read - and we have the perfect program to teach your child quickly and effectively.

96% of previous clients anonymously surveyed stated that their child's reading improved because of Beyond Tutoring's program.

Cognitive skills are crucial and CAN be improved!