Is It Worth It?

Beyond Tutoring’s program allows students who chronically struggle

gain the skills they need to become life-long, independent learners. 

We go far deeper than simply helping with homework because for those who constantly struggle, helping-with-homework is often an ongoing necessity that the student will need forever. You can continue struggling along with your student, year-by-year, subject-by-subject, for the rest of their schooling... or you can put them through a program that will not just re-teach them information, but teach them how to learn.

Our program is proven effective!

Skills and Improvements Private TutoringLearning CenterBeyond Tutoring
Program completed in 6 months or less
Permanently improves overall academic performance
Improves study skills
Permanently improves underlying reading deficiencies
(auditory processing, decoding, spelling, comprehension)
Increases processing speed
(how fast a person can think)
Re-teaches reading
Permanently improves memory
(short-term, long-term, visual, auditory)
Improves one or more specific school subject(s)
Permanently improves attention
(sustained, selective, divided)
Provides specific test & SAT preparation
After the program, student works more independently
After the program, homework is completed faster
After the program, attention is better
After the program, grades continue to improve

Our program fees vary ($3,000-$9,000 total cost) depending on each individual student’s needs, but one thing is for certain, we work intensely with our students to accomplish their learning, reading, and attention goals. With our systematic, structured, one-on-one, brain-training curriculum, the benefits far outlast the program duration.

We have several payment options to help families just like yours make this program possible, and the time and financial investment will change your child’s educational career for years to come. View payment options here. 

Steph D.


"...We couldn't have asked for a better experience. Listen, this is worth every penny. The staff are knowledgeable and compassionate and genuinely care about their students. The study and memorization techniques that my daughter learned are still being used today 4 years later..."

Steph D

93% of past clients say their child's attention permanently improved because of Beyond Tutoring's program.