Many students are struggling to learn and succeed academically despite good instruction in school and generous support at home.


Your child is not the only one.

Does your child tests as "average" and therefore does not qualify for interventions in school; however, he has to work much harder than his peers to keep up and is constantly frustrated?

Does your child already have an IEP and is receiving interventions and accommodations, but she is still struggling even with the extra help?

You know your child is smart, but he just isn't reaching his potential. It's like there's a disconnect somewhere...


Who Cares About Cognitive Skills?

Teachers teach information, tutors re-teach information, but poor instruction is not the cause or main issue in any of the above cases. A student who chronically struggles does not need to be re-taught information; a student who chronically struggles needs a solution that goes deeper.

Most chronic academic struggles for typical students are caused by deficient cognitive skills. Cognitive skills are the thinking skills that allow someone to be a good learner & successful in school and in life.

90% of past clients say their child's overall academic performance improved because of Beyond Tutoring's program.

Cognitive Skills

  • Short-term memory (both auditory and visual)
  • Long-term memory (both auditory and visual)
  • Processing speed
  • Logic & reasoning
  • Visual processing

Cognitive skills directly pertaining to reading

  • Auditory Processing
  • Decoding
  • Comprehension

And let us not forget one of the most important cognitive skills

  • Attention

Cognitive skills are directly related to academic achievement. If one or more cognitive skill is weak, performance in school will be poor or, at best, frustrating and inconsistent. Beyond Tutoring offers hope to kids & teens who chronically struggle. Instead of re-teaching information over and over, we identify and correct the underlying learning issues that keep typical students from reaching their true potential.